The development of our country mainly depends on make of new innovation. It should be grown from the beginner itself .The main objective of this event is to improve the thinking ability in terms of your creativity to make useful products, out of waste materials. Have you ever tried making beautiful things from waste or trash products? If no, then this competition would be extremely useful for you to transform your junk into functional materials. Crafts are great educational and entertainment idea and can make interesting party activities for kids. If neatly done, the crafts are sure to make lasting impression on the minds of your beloved people. The children crafts, given here, are not only easy activities and projects, but also help making useful products. All entries must be registered on or before 6th February, 2017. Rules and Regulation common for all levels The competition are conducted in three level for the students

  • 1. Junior level - 3rd to 5th Standard Students
  • 2. Inter Level - 6th to 8th Standard Students
  • 3. Senior Level - 9th to 11th Standard Students
  • By participating in this contest, all entrants agree to be bound by the Contest Rules and Regulations.
  • The participant should bring the base material to make their own creative model.
  • The time duration for the competition is 1 hour
  • Winners will be selected by a panel of judges from the community
  • Judges will look for evidence that all pupils have an awareness of the importance of recycling and that they put this to practical use. Projects carried out have included the provision of recycling bins in schools, segregating rubbish, "Art from Waste" projects and other waste materials projects.
  • Date: 17/02/2017
  • Time: 2.30 - 4 PM
    Staff in charge
    Prof . S .G .Nataraj